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Buzi IT believes we work with our clients to “Take the hassle out of IT”. We work hard to ensure we understand the needs of our clients, and we aim to build long-term relationships. For us, web design and development is not just about getting the job done. We believe in creating a supportive environment, in which we ensure you are getting the most from your new product!

Buzi IT was founded by Matt Presland, who after working in many industries, and with many clients, found a need to provide cost-effective web development to assist small businesses with their IT needs. Matt specialises in Web Application Development, and uses these skills to streamline small business processes. Matt has an uncanny knack for simplifying and automating mundane administrative tasks, and presenting them in a way that anyone can understand. You do not need to be a computer expert to understand a web application. Buzi IT will work with you to ensure the solution perfectly fits your needs.

What's with the robot?

Budi, the Buzi mascot represents what IT should be! That is: friendly, familiar, reliable, and autonomous. Your IT solution should be all of these things! If isn’t, you need to get in touch with our buddy Budi.

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