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A Taste of Flinders – New Website Launched

Buzi IT is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for A Taste of Flinders. We have created a project page with all the details of their new website. Click the button below to check it out! Buzi IT is proud to launch the Taste of Flinders website. Check out...

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A SaaS Experience

Follow the development of a example web application from concept to completion.

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Adding a User Interface – A SaaS Experience

In this article we will look at how we can add some structure and design elements to our application. So far, we have ugly white screens that simply display un-styled menus and forms. In order to make our framework, and our application easily customisable, I want to be able to swap and change between templates and styles easily within my application.

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Generating Menus – A SaaS Experience

In this article, we can will build navigation menus that will allow our users to navigate through our application. We will develop a menu generator, that builds the menus for us, and also checks the logged in User’s permissions, and only shows pages and links relevant to that user. We will begin by creating a Path() object, which will store details about the user’s current location within our Application, or their Path from the root of our application.

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Company/Client Management – A SaaS Experience

Our Application, as simple as it may be functionality wise, is designed to be available for any number of freelancers, agencies or companies to utilise. In order to manage this, we need an effective way of creating Companies in our App, and separating their data using namespacing in our Datastore. In this article, we will create the ability to add, edit and remove companies from our App and also look at how we can assign Users to a Company on signup, and after the Company has been created.

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Page Management – A SaaS Experience

Our simple PHP MVC Framework is starting to take shape. We now need to start building some structure for our App. In this article, we will begin implementing a page management system that will allow us to generate navigation menus and to expand our authentication system to handle user level roles and custom page permissions.

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User Handling – A SaaS Experience

In this series, we have been looking at the development of our own simple PHP MVC Framework. In order to add an authentication system and security to our framework, we need to be able to work with users. We can utilise many of the elements we have already created and tested, and bring them together to add, edit and disable users, and to demonstrate how our framework will help us build our app.

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Performance with Memcached – A SaaS Experience

Performance should always be a consideration when developing any web application. Users expect a fast response and minimal delay when interacting with your application. While we are already utilising a highly scalable cloud setup, and a high performance datastore, we can further improve our performance by caching data.

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Testing Datastore – A SaaS Experience

In this series, we have seen datastore pop up in a few places, yet we have not conducted any unit testing on our datastore code. The reason for this, is that we cannot access datastore from the command line, as required by PHPUnit. Datastore is only available through the localhost port provided by the Google App Engine SDK. How do we test our datastore items?

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