Web technologies are rapidly changing. Constantly evolving, continually expanding. When I began learning and experimenting with web technologies, times were simpler, at the same time less flexible. Recently, I have been researching, and learning, and working with newer, more available technologies, and I wish to share the experience with you. I want to explore a true SaaS application design, development and setup, and share with you my experiences.

Before we begin! When I look back at work I completed 8-10 years ago I cringe, technologies have changed, and my knowledge has changed, however I do not declare myself an expert at what I do. I am highly capable, and can complete tasks with minimal fuss, however I will openly admit that some items you may see in this blog are not the industry standard or “best-practice”, but they do work! And quite well for my purposes. The aim of this blog is to introduce concepts to followers, and hopefully inspire some to start learning and developing their own ideas. When I look back on this project in 12 months, I expect to cringe again, however I hope the lessons we all learn from this project, help us move forward with the next!

My goal for this blog is to follow the development of a small cloud based application, which will later be released as open-source on GitHub, and to follow the decisions, the research and the learning involved in bringing the idea to life. We will follow the “base” application, to which I will later add more advanced modules to be used to extend the functionality and make this project a viable SaaS application for commercial use.

Please understand that this is designed to be a learning experience for all, myself included, and as such please understand there is no need for negativity in the comments. If you don’t agree with the content, please understand that there are others who may value the insights it may provide.


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