Flinders Island Aviation Services is an aeroplane charter company based in Tasmania, Australia. They specialise in freight and passenger charters to the islands of Bass Strait. After purchasing the business, the new owners Peter and Rachel Barron, commissioned Buzi IT to give their website a fresh, modern look and integrate useful tools to showcase the capabilities of their business.

Design Brief

Flinders Island Aviation Services was seeking to develop a web presence that would engage with its audience, and generate interest in the services provided by the company by showcasing the natural beauty of the islands serviced by the company. The design brief included requirements such as providing multiple avenues for engaging with customers, showcasing the company’s services using high-quality imagery and adding additional value to the community through services provided on the site.

We were looking for a website that draws the attention of our customers. We wanted an online platform from which we could communicate and interact with our guests. We believe our new site will give us the best chance to interact with our customers and to enable us to grow and provide a wider range of services to our clients.

Peter Barron

Owner/Operator, Flinders Island Aviation Services


The design for the website needed to include strong use of photographic images to highlight the beauty of the islands Flinders Island Aviation Services operate to. Throughout the site, images are integrated into each page, without detracting from the messages being conveyed.

It was also important to provide a standardised look and feel across the entire site, whilst giving each page its own individual styling. When browsing the website, users experience a familiar, and easy to navigate interface, yet can experience each page’s individual features.

User Engagement

In order to engage with users, and to add value to the user experience, the website’s homepage features a Recent News feed, as well as a feed of Weather Updates. The company is now able to add general interest news articles, and company updates, as well as provide weather related updates and articles, as the company’s services are often at the mercy of inclement weather.

Company Information

A website’s main goal is of course to educate potential clients of the services the company can provide, and to encourage those users to utilise the services of the company. With this in mind, dedicated pages were designed to outline the three major services provided by Flinders Island Aviation Services, with these being Charter Services, Freight Services and Scenic Flights.

In addition to providing general information on these services, each page also features a Call to Action in the form of a contact form. This allows users to read about the service, and submit their query or request for the service directly from the page they are on.

Adding Value to the Community

In order to encourage clients and potential clients to return to your website, it is important to add value for your users. In the case of Flinders Island Aviation Services, value can be added to the community of Flinders Island in a number of ways. Firstly, a news feed was set up to enable the company to post news articles relevant to the company, or to the community. By frequently posting new articles, Flinders Island Aviation Services can engage their audience, by encouraging them to read local news directly from the company website.

In addition, a seperate weather updates feed was set up to enable the company to provide updates on local weather that may affect the company’s services to the community. Also on the weather page, users can find the current aviation weather conditions, as well as the current aviation weather forecasts the company pilots use to plan for their flights.

Social Integration

With all of the news and weather features integrated into the Flinders Island Aviation Services website, we felt it was important to provide an easy way to share these updates with the company’s customer base. For this reason, we integrated the company’s Facebook profile with the new website, and each time a user posts a new article in the News or Weather category, the article is automatically pushed to the company’s Facebook feed.

We have also integrated a mailing system into the website, which allows users to sign up to a company newsletter, and also subscribe to the weather updates feed, which will automatically email subscribers new weather updates posted to the site.


After carefully working through the design brief, and designing and integrating all of the required features into the Flinders Island Aviation Services website, we reviewed our three key requirements.

Provide Multiple Avenues for Engaging with Customers

We achieved this by providing 2 news feeds, one for local and company news, and one for weather updates. We also automated the sharing of these articles on Facebook, and provided the ability for users to sign up to a company newsletter and to be notified of any weather updates by email.

Showcase the¬†Company’s Services using High-Quality Imagery

We believe we integrated high quality imagery throughout the site, in order to enhance the information provided on the company’s services.

Add Value to the Community Through Services Provided on the Site

By offering local news and weather updates as well as the offical aviation weather observations and forecasts, we are adding value to the community of Flinders Island, and to customers of Flinders Island Aviation Services. The staff at Flinders Island Aviation Services now have the ability to write and share articles with the local community, to add value, and to draw readers to the company website.

User Reach

After launching the website, and following the post of the first news article to Facebook, we saw encouraging results for Flinders Island Aviation Services. Within only 4 hours of sharing the first ever news article on the site, titled “A Budding Young Aviator”, the site experienced a flood of traffic, with over 300 page views in that 4 hours. The article itself has over 170 readers within the 4 hours, and drove a great deal of interest in the company and its services.