Payment Solutions

Every business relies on receiving payment for their products or services. Whether you sell online, have a customer portal online, or simply need a way for your customers to pay their bills online, Buzi IT can help!

Buzi IT is able to offer online credit card payment processing, and can integrate payment solutions into your website, your customer portal, or even create a simple payment form for your products or services. We can even set up a mobile application that enables you to take credit card payments on your mobile, so you can take payment from your customers and clients on the spot, as you deliver your product or service. This enables you to concentrate on your area of expertise, with the knowledge that your payments are being handled, and your cashflow is healthy.

If you have customers with subscriptions, or recurring billing, we can set up subscription payments, as well as integrate recurring billing for bills that change month-to-month. We truly aim to take the hassle out of collecting your hard earned payments.

More Services

Web Design

Buzi IT provides quality, custom web design to our clients. We believe in creating solutions that are interactive for users, and enable businesses to actively engage with their users, both on site, and through social media channels.


Cloud Applications

Buzi IT Specialises in developing completely custom cloud-based applications. Reduce your administration tasks, and access your data anywhere in the world.



If you have a product to sell, it is important to have a reliable, easy-to-use, customer focussed online store. At Buzi IT, we can help build and customise a solution that perfectly fits the needs of your product and your business.

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