Web Design

Modern day web design is about far more than creating a website. Today, web design involves designing a platform from which you can interact and engage with your audience. Websites now need to be dynamic, every changing, and designed to engage visitors in ways standard pages cannot.

At Buzi IT, we believe in developing a complete web solution for our clients. We work with you to learn about your business, learn about your clients, and use that learning to develop a web strategy. The strategy will involve design and development, but will also involve adding value for your clients, in order to draw them closer to your business. We help to find that value, or service that will keep your clients coming back to your website for more. We also include integrating with your company social media profiles to share content, and have your content draw readers to your site.

In essence, we don’t just design┬áthe site. We design its implementation into your business. Check out some of our recent web projects, shown below.

More Services


If you have a product to sell, it is important to have a reliable, easy-to-use, customer focussed online store. At Buzi IT, we can help build and customise a solution that perfectly fits the needs of your product and your business.


Cloud Applications

Buzi IT Specialises in developing completely custom cloud-based applications. Reduce your administration tasks, and access your data anywhere in the world.


Payment Solutions

You have a great product, a great service, and you are making great sales. Buzi IT can set your business up with a credit card payment system that can help you get paid on the spot. Over the web, or via mobile.

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